PeripherAi appoints Michael Suttle as CRO

Introducing Michael Suttle as PeripherAi's CRO.

The PeripherAi team are incredibly excited to welcome Michael Suttle to the leadership team. Michael brings 30+ years of sales and business development experience from both large enterprise such as SAP, IBM, and Oracle, as well as scale-up technology businesses suchas diCarta and Commvault.

We caught up with Michael to ask him a few questions about joining PeripherAi.

Q: Michael, great to have you on the team! What was it when you first met Kim and the PeripherAi team that excited you the most?

M: Kim and I first met as members of the broader SAP A.I. innovation network. What excited me the most, and immediately is the focus on solving some of the on-going dilemmas we face in the professional sales community: How do we create, replicate, and scale sales execution and performance in a value-sell environment when every opportunity seems to be unique but also routine at the same time?

Q: You have spent a long time in various sales roles in various organisations, what would you say are the top one or two challenges to scaling sales you have seen across companies?

M: It’s a quote from what I learned from Don Valentine at Sequoia in my first start-up, the enterprise sales learning curve. We must have sales processes and people who are solving customer problems with the solutions we are already building, while demonstrating a high tolerance for ambiguity. It always feels like a bit of a paradox, but if we can do those two things at the same time (and we can!), we will build and scale our company.

Q: Yes, there are a lot areas of improvement in all organisations, and change is hard. How do you think PeripherAi will make sales teams more successful? What will be the greatest impact?

M: Change is difficult indeed. The key to our success will be increasing the success of our customers’ sales performance.  I’m not sure yet, but I suspect we will make the sales teams more successful in two key areas. Increasing their confidence and simplifying their path. The greatest impact of this will be revenue increase through greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Q: Are there any particular types of companies that you look forward to interacting with more? That have more to gain from PeripherAi?

M: Yes. What is always exciting in working for a market leader like PeripherAi is the focus on innovation. Geoffrey Moore says in “Crossing the Chasm” that our source of success is the early-adopter mind set customers. They are a delight to work with, even if and maybe because of their high aspirations and vision.

Q: And we understand you also have a track record as a classically trained professional trumpet player?! What can sales teams learn from music and the arts, and vice versa?

M: Yes, that’s right. “Its all about performance” is true in both music and sales. Study is important and of course practice and preparation are key, but it is the day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter execution “in the arena” that separates the sales function (and the concert experience) from the other functions in an organization. It’s the mash-up of passion and structure I suppose that happens in real-time that each of us are searching for.

Michael will work closely with CEO Kim Nilsson to develop a go-to-market strategy, with a special focus on working with US-based tech scale-up companies. If you are curious to find out more about how to scale your sales and integrate your sales playbook in your daily workflow, head over to PeripherAi’s website and sign up for early access!