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          PeripherAi supports start-ups to build a scalable sales foundation, by integrating their human knowledge and their data insights.
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PeripherAi's co-founders
Dr Kim & Dr Ole
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We support founders and sales owners of start-ups and SME’s to integrate their  human knowledge and  data insights together to feel the    peace of mind of having a scalable, predictable, and efficient sales function. By founders, for founders.

Be fearless

Working for a start-up is not for the faint of heart. Breaking new ground on a daily basis means feeling no fear to go out of your comfort zone. We envision the world of tomorrow, and move boldly forward in pursuit of success.


Question everything

Status quo is not good enough. If we all accepted things as they were, nothing new would be invented. Staying open and curious and, like a six-year old, asking "why?" about 'known wisdom' means new ideas can surface and innovation happen.



Being fearless and questioning the status quo does not mean being rude, arrogant, or aggressive. We are all human, and we all deserve empathy and compassion. Be kind!


Don't waste time

We do not need to question everything purely for the sake of doing it. Some things work just fine. Time is the most precious thing we are given on this Earth, we aim to use it well.